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Self-serve Coin laundry

All day Access, Laundry Freedom Anytime

7am - 11pm (including all holidays)

4 different sizes. Our max capacity Washer for your largest items and heaviest loads. 

18 lbs Double Washer ($2.50)

35 lbs Triple Washer    ($5.00)

50 lbs Giant Washer    ($7.00)

55 lbs Mega Washer    ($8.00)

longer Soak cycle   x   double Wash cycle   x   triple Rinse cycle   x   extra Extract

Powerful Performance, Unmatched Efficiency

* we sell Tide on site, and have a coin changer

Coin laundry: Services

Commercial Stack Dryers

Quick and Efficient Drying, Perfectly Finished Every Time

25 cents / 4 minutes drying time

Coin laundry: Welcome
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